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The construction process begins with excavation. Elevations are determined on site and the digging begins. We dig an area necessary to build your pool. Keep in mind that these initial dimensions are different than the final product.





The Hull

The details of this step vary slightly depending on the type of construction. The second payment is due when the walls are poured.

With gunite construction the steel rebar is installed, plumbing run, and the floor is poured with concrete. The walls are then shot with gunite and tile installed.

If your pool is a vinyl liner pool; the aluminum wall panels are set, rebar is installed, and the concrete walls are poured. The plumbing is then run to the equipment area.




The Deck

The pool is then backfilled. If you have opted for stone or brick coping, the coping is installed now.

If you have concrete cantilevered coping, the coping is poured in place at the same time as the deck is poured.

Steel rebar is installed, the concrete forms are placed, and grounding wire is put in place. The concrete decking is poured. We typically cut in expansion joints the following day. The third payment is due when the deck is poured.




The Interior Finish

The details of this step vary slightly depending on the type of construction:

With gunite construction the interior is cleaned and prepped, and the finish installed. The finish may be marcite or exposed pebble aggregate. The exposed pebble aggregate is by far the superior material; it is more durable and smoother than the marcite finish. The pool is filled within hours. It is important to fill the pool without stopping the water so no soil ring is left on the still fresh finish.




If your pool is a vinyl liner pool, the vermiculite bottom is poured and walls are prelined with a foam sheet. The final prep is done the following day and the liner is installed. Your liner has been measured to exacting standards, sometimes requiring over 200 measurements. We beginning filling the pool immediately and allow it to fill to the top of the bottom step. At that time we install the rest of the faceplates and lights. We then fill your pool completely.




The Final

We will have the water in your pool balanced when we schedule a training session with you. It is important that we teach you how to operate your pool at your pool with your equipment. And we are always only a phone call away for any questions that arise. The final payment is due at this time. You are SWIMMING!