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Design Considerations


This page contains some ideas on what to consider when planning your poolscape. Also be sure to use the links provided on the link page, save pictures from magazines and books, take pictures of features you see in different places, etc.. It is true, a picture is worth a thousand words. Our customers are often surprised to find out just how "do-able" some tricked-out water features are. Have a part in the design. Let’s have fun with the design. Here we go!



  • Here in North Georgia we are often faced with hilly yards. This is not a problem. You can use hilly landscapes to your advantage.
  • Retaining walls and/or raised bond beams can be incorporated into the overall design for dramatic effects. The right design of the steps when changing deck levels is crucial to carry the effect of the job.
  • We can build a lower deck area creating a swim up bar area so the folks outside the pool are sitting face to face with the folks in the pool.
  • Negative edge, invisible edge, and infinity pool are terms used to describe a pool that has at least a portion of the pool wall built lower to allow the water to spill over into a basin below. It makes the water look like it is simply disappearing. Contrary to popular belief you can achieve a negative edge in a relatively flat yard.
  • Elevation whether flat or hilly needs to be considered and utilized in the design of your poolscape to create a meant-to-be-there look.
  • Avoid using railroad ties as a retaining wall. They release creosote into the soil which pollutes the soil and any plant in that soil.



Consider the Future

  • There are many things that are easily (and inexpensively) done while building your pool.
  • If you are planning a gazebo or pool house in the future, go ahead and run the electrical and water lines.
  • If you are not buying a cleaner, have the pipe for one run. Then it will be ready when you are.
  • If you might be interested in a water feature at some point, have an extra line run under ground.
  • Always put a pipe under new sidewalks. You may want to run something under that sidewalk some day.
  • Heaters can always be added later. A larger gas line and/or meter may be required.
  • Concrete and concrete treatments can always be added later. Many people use spray texture, stamped concrete, or EPDM recycled rubber to seamlessly fuse together old and new concrete while achieving aesthetic value.




  • Timers and freeze protectors are a good idea. Automation systems have built in freeze protectors and come in a large variety of cost and amount of control.
  • There are 5 types of cleaners. They are:

1. Suction cleaners are the least expensive and least effective.

2. Good pressure systems are about twice the cost of a suction cleaner and are well worth it. These cleaners give you the best bang for your buck.

3. In-floor systems are very expensive and when properly designed work very well. These can only be installed during the construction process or during major renovation.

4. Robotic cleaners are becoming more and more popular. Some even come with a remote control!

5. Pool boy – call our store to set up an appointment. We can clean and balance your pool on demand, monthly, biweekly, or weekly – whatever fits your needs.



Water Features

  • Water features are a great way to provide beautiful accents and are often very inexpensive to achieve.
  • There are options when creating a poolscape with an overflow spa. It is sometimes better to separate the pool and spa equipment and build a mock overflow.
  • Don't be afraid to explain your highest expectations of moving water. Shoot for the moon.
  • Aquatic playgrounds are easily incorporated into any poolscape.



Hydraulics - the science of conveyance of liquid through pipes

Hydraulically speaking bigger pumps are not always better. A pump that is too large is like pouring 10 gallons of water in a five gallon bucket...all you've got is a mess. The rule of thumb is bigger pipes and smaller pumps equals better water. Hydraulics analyses should be done on every pool to ensure the right equipment for the pool.



Other Cool Stuff

  • Liner-over-step – NO PLASTIC STEPS!
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Sun deck depth
  • Sports pools
  • Programmable LED lights
  • Beach entry
  • Sheer descent
  • Rain curtain
  • Lighted water
  • Automation
  • Check out our link page for more info


Check it out - Be informed.